Post Grid

Creating custom Responsive Post Grids with Fortuna is a breeze! Fully customize the looks of your grids, add them to any page, filter the items you want to display, manage the output and sub-items displayed like date, image, excerpt, Read More link etc. Check out some of the modification options below as well as a few examples further down the page.


What elements to show (Pic, Title, Excerpt, Date, Link etc.)
Regular/Boxed style presets
Image Hover Effect (4 Style Presets available)
Grid column count (4 Style Presets available)
Date Style Presets (2 Style Presets available)
Custom Query/Filter for the Items displayed
Total Items in Grid
Spacing between items (None, Small and Large)
CSS animation of the items
Category Query Filter
Order and Order By clauses
Overwrite image size

Post Grid Example #1

才华在边境 挑战日本高度人才签证

“才华在边境”是指有一定的才华或专长的人在边境地区进行活动或工作 ...

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新加坡EP签证是允许外国人在新加坡工作和居住的工作准证。对于留学和工作的 ...

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Post Grid Example #2


澳大利亚是一个充满奇迹的地方,这个国家拥有丰富的自然资源和迷人的风景。让我们来穿 ...

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近年来,随着全球化的加速发展,各国之间的人才流动日益频繁。为了吸引更多优秀的外国 ...

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加拿大留学移民是许多人梦寐以求的机会,可以实现个人发展和开启全新的生活。以下是关 ...

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梦寻天堂是指马来西亚的一个移民项目,它也被称为马来西亚第二家园计划(Malaysia My ...

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加拿大SUV创业移民可谓是迈向新加长成功之路。作为移民目的地,加拿大提供了广阔的经济 ...

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